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A wonderful natural look. Elegant shape with a subtle, milky transparent shade. box : 50 x 10 sizes
51.00€ / 24.90€
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Jo SONJA'S CREATIVE box ( 32.00€)

box of paints


acrylic JO SONJA'S

  The box contains:
  12 colors 20ml (Titanium white, light yellow, yellow orange, Naphthol Red Light, Naphthol Crimson, Amethyst, Diox purple, purple Blue, Aqua, Pine Green, Yellow Green, Carbon Black)
  " Welcome to the magical world of colors Jo Sonja's ® where a brush stroke can transform objects beyond your imagination. " Filmography 

Why Quality Certified Artist by ASTM *

Jo Sonja's colors, the only quality designed specifically for professional decorative arts are used by meillieurs global artists.
 ll are has no need of special instruction for use Jo Sonja's colors, they are not difficult to use. The high quality materials are always easier than ENTERING materials "student" quality or "craft." Jo Sonja's colors are two to three times more concentrated than other brands of color "craft" pot, and they are permanent.

pigments and intensity

 While other manufacturers designed the average artisan or handyman, Jo Sonja's colors offer all the features of a professional quality paint suitable for the work of artists seriously.
 Jo Sonja's colors are made , with pure pigments are first quality. All shades in the range resist fading and wear an ASTM classification as Guarantee * against the faded. The colors of your designs remain loyal for generations, just as vivid as when their application.
 We continuously check our products for quality and performance to ensure that the colors Jo Sonja's still the best products available for the decorative arts.
 Jo Sonja's colors are very viscous acrylic base, which gives the look and touch of traditional gouache. They provide a degree of manipulation and control very high at the end of the brush, combined with purity and intensity of color. Acrylic gouache is a popular medium for works on paper and decorative arts. It provides color opacity with a beautiful velvet matte finish. Unlike traditional gouache, superimposing layers of color is easy because the underlying layers dry quickly and are waterproof.

the System of Decorative Painting

 The range of Jo Sonja's mediums allows unlimited technical applications with one set of colors. It is no longer necessary to buy specific colors for different applications -. Compact range of Jo Sonja's colors fits any need
 Whether you are a student or e artist established your work automatically improve with the use of better materials and your creativity will increase with the mastery of false finishes and many other techniques. Jo Sonja's present system the most comprehensive decorative painting and most versatile in the world, full of potential and exciting possibilities
. * ASTM -. American Society for Testing Materials < / em> Filmography If you want to get the maximum benefit in your work, we invite you to share the experience JoSonja's Filmography ®

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